14 JUN 2016

On June 13 IPStyle lawyers took part in the workshop on Nonstandard protection methods for IT products

The second meeting of UBA Committees within discussion on protection of IP rights in IT sphere took place. It was organized jointly by Committee on IP Law and Committee on IT, Telecom & Internet Law of the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA). IPStyle lawyers Mariya Ortynska and Kateryna Synko attended the workshop, and Mariya Ortynska was among its speakers.

During the event, the ways of IP protection in IT business, which are the most controversial and still have not enough practice of use, were discussed. Among them are trade sercet, application of sui generis law and ways of protection of business-methods.

IPStyle Director Mariya Ortynska spoke on possible ways and peculiarities of protection of business-methods with Intellectual Property law. Mariya talked about ratio between technical solutions and both ideas and business decisions, and opportunities for their patenting, providing with cases from Ukrainian practice, and also covered pluses and disadvantages of such protection.