08 JUN 2016

Mariya Ortynska Received the Harvard Law School Certificate

In Spring 2016, Mariya Ortynska, CEO at IPStyle Patent Law Firm, successfully completed CopyrightX, the Harvard Law School course on Copyright with the focus on the theoretical and legal framework of the system of copyright in the USA.
During this course, Ms. Ortynska extended and refined her knowledge and skills with regard to the current copyright law and its effect on the art, entertainment, and various sectors of the economy, and as well participated in the discussions with international IP experts.
To successfully complete the course, the students have to attend the discussion section at least 10 out of 12 weeks and then pass the exam. They have 96 hours to complete this exam. Ms. Ortynska has successfully mastered all the subjects of 2016 CopyrightX course, namely:

    1. The Foundations of Copyright Law;
    2. Fairness and Personality Theories;
    3. The Subject Matter of Copyright;
    4. Welfare Theory;
    5. Authorship;
    6. The Mechanics of Copyright;
    7. The Rights to Reproduce and Modify;
    8. The Rights to Distribute, Perform, and Display;
    9. Fair Use;
    10. Cultural Theory;
    11. Supplements to Copyright: Secondary Liability and Para-copyright;
    12. Remedies.
    “Studying at Harvard CopyrightX offers the possibility to share the experience and ideas with foreign colleagues on how to improve the protection of IP rights. It’s worth mentioning that this course is intended to not only for lawyers – for example, there were librarians among the students. Together we studied the case law of the United States, Europe and other countries, discussed numerous high-profile disputes between some major music studios, media corporations, artists, and musicians, which had changed not only the legislation, but also the course of history”, told Mariya Ortynska, CEO at IPStyle Patent Law Firm, Attorney-at-Law, Patent Attorney of Ukraine, member of the INTA Anticounterfeiting Committee.

    CopyrightX is a twelve-week networked copyright course that has been taught annually since 2013 under the auspices of Harvard Law School, the HarvardX distance-learning initiative, and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society.
    It was launched in 2013 as the first experimental free and open distance-learning law course. Its results have been extremely successful, so CopyrightX is now offered annually.
    The founder and supervisor of the course is the world-famous scientist William Fisher, the WilmerHale Professor of Intellectual Property Law at Harvard Law School. During the course, students not only have the access to the knowledge base of the oldest law school in the United States, but also the opportunity to participate in discussions with its teaching fellows and the world best IP law experts.