13 APR 2016

Mariya Ortynska attended The Conference on IT Law

On April, 8 IPStyle Director Mariya Ortynska took part in the Conference dedicated to Information Technologies issues. The event was organized by Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA). Among the speakers and attendees are leading Ukrainian lawyers and IT experts.

IT is the growing sphere which development is fast and dynamic. There is always a necessity of new regulations drafting, amending and modification of ones already existing. As IT and IP spheres are highly connected, it is vitally important to remain in course concerning IT tendencies and last technological news, especially as to software, domain names, procedures of domain names disputes resolving.

During the IT Conference the experts talked about search actions and interrogation of IT specialists in criminal proceedings, discussed law aspects of domain disputes resolving. Such topics like identifying of the proper defendant on the Internet, peculiarities of domain disputes concerning domain names resolving and ICANN disputes handling were covered.