03 FEB 2016

IPStyle lawyers attended an educational event of Ukrainian Patent Office ('Ukrpatent').

On January, 29, the lawyers of IPStyle, including the company's director Mariya Ortynska, participated in the round table, which was organized by Intellectual Property Research Institute of the National Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine in cooperation with 'Ukrpatent'. The main topic was 'Actual problems of IP rights protection in courts'.

The central subjects of the discussion were the main issues and possible legislative initiatives in the sphere of IP rights judicial protection, namely the option of establishment of a Patent Court or an Intellectual Property Court in Ukraine, recent increase of court fees, division of jurisdiction concerning IP disputes, and harmonization of national legislation with legislation of EU in the Intellectual Property sphere. Thus, for harmonization purposes, 'Ukrpatent' is preparing a legislative draft concerning amendments to the Ukrainian IP law, and many of its propositions were presented during the round table.