16 JUL 2014

Press briefing about fighting patent trolls in Ukraine handled in Kiev. About ways of resolving problem of trolls says Mariya Ortynska

On 15 of July the press briefing about fighting patent trolls in Ukraine handled in Kiev.
"The largest number of patent trolls abuse - in the automotive industry" - this opinion was expressed by the head of patent law company #IPStyle Mariya Ortуnska at a press briefing on the fight against patent trolls in Ukraine, organized by company #ЛігаЗакон
The event was attended by Head of the State of Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine Mykola Covina, representative of Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine, members of the All-Ukrainian Association of auto importers and dealers.
Due to the signing of the Economic Agreement with the EU, Ukraine is obliged to implement European rules for registration of IP objects, which will help in the fight against patent trolling. However, the State Service of Intellectual Property has posted on its website the draft of Law, which also aims at fighting against patent trolls.
"The bill provides opportunity to sее and read the applications filed prior to the issuance of a patent . If the company believes that the application is filed in not a new subject and here will be the risk , it will be able to file a protest with the arguments against the granting of such patent," - says Mariya Ortinska.
In addition, the ratification and implementation of the Agreement with the EU will bring significant changes to the legislation. Will introduce a new criterion for patentability - individual character. Today in Ukraine the only criteria is innovation, which, unfortunately, the Patent Office does not have the authority to inspect. Besides it would be protected unregistered industrial designs - EU legislation provides for the protection of both registered and unregistered designs.