Intellectual property traps. Contract life hacks to protect your IP rights


Has your business partner authorized third parties to use shared IP without warning? Or your employee appropriated the product created at the workplace? Or, did you order an advertisement from an Agency, and then you were accused of plagiarism?

This has never happened before, and again a client requests us with a problem that could be prevented by a stack of A4 sheets. It’s time to tell everyone. That the secret is really banal and simple, everyone knows about it, but for some reason they often ignore it. It is a contract, your assistant and saviour in intellectual property relations.

So we invite you to talk about the problems that arise if you do not take care of protecting your rights in time.

On the example of real cases, we will figure out how to get out of a problem situation, and what life hacks exist when concluding contracts:

  • How can a trademark co-owner block a joint business?
  • Who owns the IP rights for a product created by an employee?
  • How to avoid becoming a victim of your contractor? How can a design or advertising agency steal your / other people’s intellectual property?



Mariya Ortynska, Managing Partner, IPStyle

Nataliia Minakerman, Lawyer, IPStyle


When: February 12th

Time: 10.00-12.00 (registration starts at 9.30)

Where: Travel Hub, Terminal Hall, 58 Yaroslavska str

Organizer: IPStyle Patent Law Company


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