14 July 2022

Mariya Ortynska at the forum “Intellectual property: the potential of Ukraine’s restoration”

On July 1, IPSTYLE’s CEO Mariya Ortynska took part in the forum “Intellectual property: the potential of Ukraine's restoration”.

Mariya had the honor of moderating one of the business sessions of the forum, where representatives of IP businesses and various industries discussed the impact of the war on business processes, changes caused by the war, current and potential trends in the development of the IP sphere.

“Now, more than ever, everyone should realize the importance of strategic thinking in three dimensions: today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Previously, my focus was mainly on today and tomorrow. Now I think differently — about the importance of “the day after tomorrow”. For me, today is a war, tomorrow will be our victory, and the day after tomorrow will be the Ukraine's restoration”, — Mariya commented.

We truly believe that very soon all our plans for Ukraine's restoration will be realized in real life.