11 June 2022

IPSTYLE’s CEO Mariya Ortynska became a member of ECTA

📌What is ECTA? 

The association was founded in 1980, with the initial aim to create an association of IP practitioners, whose main interest was focused on trade marks, and to be involved in the creation of a European trade mark system

Currently, with more than 1500 members, ECTA promotes the knowledge and professionalism of the intellectual property law community in the fields of trade marks, designs, copyright and other intellectual property rights, within the European Union.

Having many years of work and experience, ECTA has become the go-to expert body for EU and national decision-makers, European Council Presidencies, and the European Courts of Justice and international intellectual property organizations. For many years, the association worked on various issues, including: 

✅ the harmonization of the national laws of the EU Member States;

✅ the EU Trade Mark Regulation and Directive;

✅ the EU Design Regulation and Directive;

✅ the organization and regulation relative to the activities of the EUIPO;

✅ the consideration of all questions arising from technological, societal and business trends affecting trade marks and other intellectual property fields, including the globalization of markets and the development of the Internet economy.

📌Benefits of membership

Being on the verge of gaining EU candidate status, we clearly understand the full range of bureaucratic procedures and steps to improve that Ukraine will need to go towards further accession to the EU. One of the significant part of the relevant development is the reform in the field of law, including intellectual property. Membership in the association is not just a personal achievement, it is an opportunity to belong to the professional IP community of the EU, learn from them and share our Ukrainian experience, adopt the most effective IP solutions here, expand our professional network and be involved in the creation of a European trade mark system. We believe, over time Ukraine will become a part of the mentioned system. 

Read more about the association on their website.