27 May 2024

How and why to register EUTM? To watch IPSTYLE webinar

A webinar recording “How and why to register an EU TM” by Katerina Drobysheva, head of the IPSTYLE Brand, Design and Copyright Management Practices, is available on the official IPSTYLE YouTube channel. It is recommended to watch everyone who is doing business or activity to enter the global market and looking for a beneficial way of globalizing a brand in 27 EU countries at the same time.

More than 150,000 trademark applications are filed in the EU each year. The popularity of this jurisdiction is due to the fact that the EU trademark has many advantages. So, for example, by filling one application, you can receive protection in all 27 EU countries, and at the same time, the opportunity to enter a market with almost 500 million consumers, etc.

Secondly, the EU TM is also an economic feasible way for brand globalization. Registering an EU trademark is more cost-effective than registering a trademark separately for each EU country.

Another advantage is the relatively quick time frame for registering an EU trademark. It can be received in 5–6.5 months. For comparison, in most countries of the world it will take more than 1 year to register a trademark, in Ukraine – approximately 18 months.

In addition, according to Katerina Drobysheva, the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) is very adaptive to business needs. And it provides up to 75% subsidizing of the cost of filing trademarks for entrepreneurs.

More practical information about EUTM registering can be found in our video “How and why to register an EU TM”. Available in Ukrainian.