Everybody wants their employees to be the most professional, motivated and effective. We are obviously not an exception but, in addition, our team consists of people who are in love with intellectual property.

People are company’s base because it’s they who with everyday work make business more successful. This is why everyone in IPStyle is the best in something, and working with us means being on the same team with the best IP specialists.

What do we want from candidates?

  • Will to do what they do best and to learn something new every day.
  • Ability to go off the beaten track and find non-standard solutions.
  • Aspiration to work side by side with colleagues to do the job well.

We communicate with different international companies every day: mastodons and innovators, lawyers and businessmen.

IPStyle lawyers are members of various national and international specialized organizations. We speak on various events and take part in international conferences.

When sending your CV don’t forget to mention your English level – it is an important advantage for our candidates. Moreover, if you know other foreign languages you can possibly find your favorite foreign client.

If you feel like climbing higher on top then you are now — send your CV on

We are constantly growing and even if we hadn’t invited you for an interview does not mean we won’t in a while.