Patent Landscape

Gain Advantage With Innovation

Gain access to the information your competitors don't have yet. Learn about trends and drivers in your industry, key innovations and the future of the market, competitors to watch and learn from, and potential partners to collaborate and invest with.

Access to professional patent and technology databases allows us to get information on your competitors' and clients' innovations several years before the product comes to market.

Our research will be useful to you if you want to:
• gain a competitive advantage with innovation;
• enter international markets with a breakthrough technology;
• generate new ideas, but are not sure which areas to pursue.
Why Patent Landscape

You need Patent Landscape if:

  • You're looking for new tech solutions and directions for your business.
  • There are many trends in your industry (e.g., AI, AR and VR, Internet of Things), but before you use them in your business you want to research prospects and find out which direction will actually be breakthrough for you.
  • You're working on a new technology or improving an existing one and looking for the most promising markets to enter.
  • Your competitors have entered foreign markets and you want to learn about their innovation strategy.
  • Your company provides B2B services, and it is crucial for you to research the technological (innovation, patent) activity of your clients.

Research Strategy

The patent landscape examines published patent applications, granted patents, patent litigation, patent troll activity, information on technology sales, licensing, etc.

Relevant information is overlaid on the required territorial (all countries of the world, EU, US, Asian region, etc.) and time frames.

Benefits for Business

The patent landscape will help your business identify:

  • Market trends and drivers;
  • Competitors to keep an eye on to learn from;
  • Potential partners for collaboration, investment, mergers (acquisitions) that will help you get ahead;
  • Technology acquisition, licensing and cross-licensing opportunities.

Result of The Research

From the results of the patent landscape you will get information on:

  • Patenting statistics: key jurisdictions, companies, inventors;
  • Analysis and description of key technologies, patents (patent applications) on which key players are working;
  • "White spots" in technology - areas where patenting is not developed or at a low level;
  • "Red spots" (highly competitive technologies) - this is an opportunity to understand what technologies the main players are working on, to identify trends and assess how to properly apply them to your products;
  • "New technologies" of recent years (technologies that are gaining popularity);
  • Leaders and outsiders, new market players/technologies;
  • Analysis and description of patent litigation;
  • Analysis and description of licenses and assignments.
We will compile the information into a patent research report and a visualized presentation; and for your team, we will conduct an offline or online presentation of the results of the patent landscape.

Further consultative support in the development and protection of a potential innovative technology is possible.

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28 December 2020

IPSTYLE conducted patent research for a Ukrainian product startup with foreign investment

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