Patent Analytics and
Competitor Monitoring

Monitor Your Competitors' Innovations

Learn about the latest innovations of your competitors and industry leaders and explore areas of interest to potential customers, investors or partners.
Why Patent Analytics and Competitor Monitoring

In order to grow your business and maximize profits, not only do you need to keep up with the latest industry developments, but you also need to regularly monitor your competitors' innovations.

Keeping track of the latest patent applications and patents will give you a glimpse into the future of the market as seen by major competitors and leaders.

Patent Analytics Goals

The primary goals of patent analytics may be:

  • Analytics and statistics on the major innovations and technologies that companies are developing, where they are investing research and financial resources (including developments that have not yet been launched on the market but are in the process of patenting);
  • Obtaining information on the markets where major competitors protect their innovations;
  • Gaining a competitive advantage with innovations to better attract investment and sell products;
  • Search, selection and analysis of companies - potential investors in your technology, buyers, licensees;
  • Analytics on the subject of openness to investment, what business, technological, resource, marketing needs of the company are closed by buying "someone else's" innovative solutions.

Research Strategy

In order to maximize the relevance of research results just for your business, we:

  • Define your objectives, select the optimal research parameters (industry, technology, territories, major competitor companies in a particular territory or in the world, industry leaders);
  • Conduct research on patents/patent applications, patent litigation and patent "wars," assignment of rights, licenses, and M&A transactions;
  • Carry out full detailed analysis and visualization of the results;
  • We identify companies and technologies to monitor in the future.
We will format the information into a patent analytics report and visualized presentation; and conduct an offline or online presentation of patent landscape results for your team.

Further consultative support in the development and protection of a potential innovative technology is possible.

Patent Competitor Monitoring

After identifying the main competitors in terms of ‘innovativeness’ and their main products, there is also the additional possibility of regular monitoring of

  • companies - new patent applications filed, patents granted, rights assigned, etc;
  • selected applications/granted patents (concerning the validity of rights, change of ownership, etc.).

Practice Team

Mariya Ortynska Mariya Ortynska
Managing Partner, Patent and Trademark Attorney, Attorney-at-Law
Iryna Ortynska Iryna Ortynska
Partner, Head of Innovation Management Practice
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