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Get a detailed plan for your intellectual property protection when entering the market with new products. Learn about the opportunities and risks of your business.
Why IP-strategy and RoadMap

Why do you need IP Strategy and RoadMap:

  • When companies launch a new product, they plan to protect it "all over the world." However, this is not only extremely costly but also almost impossible. Therefore, it is important to choose the optimal number of countries to protect your product and plan your next steps.
  • Each country has its own specifics in the area of IP. For example, not all countries have legislation on utility models, some protect designs without registration, and some have tools to optimize the obtaining of protection in order to reduce the duration and costs of the process (international procedures; regional offices). Such peculiarities require different approaches, tailored to your business goals.
  • Even fairly uniform instruments, for example, the international patenting under the PCT procedure, require that issues such as the selection of a search body, the language of the international application etc, be dealt with.
  • It is important not only to register and patent but also to understand how much it will cost to maintain the certificates and patents. For example, in some countries patenting is relatively inexpensive, but the annual cost of maintaining a patent is quite high. Knowing in advance what the costs are going to be, you can make more informed business decisions and calculate your budget in advance.

What You Get as a Result

As a result of the IP strategy and RoadMap development, you will receive an analysis and recommendations on:

  • Objects, which are reasonable to protect: inventions, utility models, designs, trademarks;
  • The appropriateness of detailed or, conversely, broad disclosure of information in the patent claims or design images;
  • Possibility and expediency of double protection (e.g., registration of a logo as a trademark and as an industrial design);
  • The features of registration and further protection depending on the selected countries; budget optimization through international and regional procedures, e.g., the European Patent Application;
  • Calculation of the time, possibilities and costs for accelerating registration and patenting in your chosen countries;
  • Calculation of fees, allowances and other tools to optimize the budget; the risks associated with the possibility of patent office refusal, and recommendations for avoiding them;
  • Who to apply in the name of (including factors such as security, future plans for commercialization, tax issues, fees and availability of incentives).
The list of questions you are seeking answers to, we tailor and elaborate individually to your request. We detail the result in a written consultation, and calculations and time limitations in spreadsheets.

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15 July 2020

IPSTYLE developed a RoadMap for the protection of Ukrainian inventor’s technical solutions

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