Iryna Ortynska acknowledged as one of the best authors for Lawyer&Law


Iryna Ortynska, Inventions, utility models and industrial designs Department Partner, is not only technical specialist with specialist education. There are not many people in patenting who have both technical degree and intellectual property experience and degree. This is how she manages to combine two spheres that are so similar and so different at the same time.

On June 19th she received an award from recognized Ukrainian legal online and printed edition Lawyer&Law (ЮРИСТ&ЗАКОН) as one of their best authors and contributors. If you see her materials, you can see how Iryna’s unique experience lets her explain things other lawyers doesn’t even think about. This is why she can share her knowledge with colleagues and clients.

We congratulate our colleague with her next achievement and are sure that her best publications are yet to come, and she will be an honored contributor for legal magazines and more.