Applicants Individuals and legal entities
Registrable Inventions and utility models
Patentability criteria Inventions: novelty, inventive step, industrial applicability

Utility models: novelty, industrial applicability

Objects of invention (utility model) Inventions: product (device, substance, cell culture of plant and animal, microorganism strains); process (method), new use of a known product or process

Utility models: device

Fee reduction Reduced in case an inventor and an applicant are the same person
Validity of invention (utility model) Inventions: 20 years from the filing date

Utility models: 10 years from the filing date

Member of PCT, Paris Convention, Eurasian Patent Convention
POA Hard copy of the simply signed POA is required. No notarization or legalization is needed
Patent Attorney Required for non-resident applicants/holders
Customs Patented objects can not be entered into the Customs Register
Language Russian