IPStyle lawyers represented the interests of the leading company in the pasta, flour and cereals production in the fight against counterfeiting


IPStyle client, one of the world’s largest producers of pasta, flour and cereals, found counterfeit products on the Israeli and the US markets in packaging marked with the signs similar to the degree of confusion to the client’s registered trademarks.

In order to protect the client’s interests, IPStyle attorneys developed a strategy to fight with counterfeit goods and for the trademark rights protection. In the course of the work, a control purchase of goods was performed and the persons of the manufacturer and exporter of counterfeit goods (Ukrainian companies) were identified. As a result, the IPStyle team gathered the necessary evidence, built the client’s position and filed a statement of claim as to the trademark rights infringement against the manufacturer and exporter.

In the course of the case consideration, IPStyle attorneys successfully defended the client’s interests. The court found that the trademark rights had been infringed, prohibited the production of counterfeit products, and ordered the infringers to reimburse the costs of the lawsuit partially.

In addition, in order to better protect the client’s rights from similar infringments in the future, IPStyle attorneys recommended and fully supported the process of entering the client’s trademark into the customs register of intellectual property objects of Ukraine.

This case is an example not only of successfully defending the client’s interests at court, but also of the comprehensive approach of the IPStyle team in the fight against counterfeiters.