IP Agreements

Property rights holders could exercise their powers in different ways. IP agreements are the best option for setting out rights and obligations and clearly defining business relationships. At the same time, IP agreements can help protect and recognize the exclusive rights of IP owners. When drafting an agreement, the specific subject matter of IP should be taken into account, as well as what warranties and indemnities need to be included. Сlearly drafted agreements are therefore very important for parties to fully understand their rights and obligations.

We have experience in drafting the following agreements:

  • with employees and contractors;
  • between investors, partners, clients;
  • with authors, inventors, applicants;
  • between franchisees and franchisers;
  • with owners of sites, on-line services;
  • co-existence agreement.

Our specialists have a broad experience in this sphere and provide the following services:

  • drafting of individual contracts, taking into account the specifics of your activities, the type and characteristics of the IP object, the requirements of legislation and court practice;
  • legal analysis of contracts for compliance with legislation, law enforcement practices;
  • identification of potential risks that may arise;
  • development of a strategy for identifying risks;
  • other services, depending on your individual situation and request.

IPStyle Patent Law Company will help you reach a consensus in settling disputes with your counterparty and will prepare a contract that will meet all your requirements and minimize potential risks. Contact us to find out more about our services.