Rights assignment and licensing

Sometimes the need to transfer or license rights to an IP object arises. The procedure of drafting assignment agreements varies depending on the object and the process of the initial registration differs according to the jurisdiction itself. Our company has a pre-eminent reputation for such work in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. While building our work strategy, we always consider the goals and needs of your business.

Our services include:

  • assignment agreement drafting in Ukraine and other countries and supporting  their further state registration;
  • license and sublicense agreements drafting and supporting their further state registration;
  • analysis of provisions of the submitted contracts for their compliance with the law and the proper protection of your rights under such contracts;
  • legal support during negotiation process between the parties, representation  before parties;
  • other services, depending on your individual situation and request.

IPStyle Patent Law Company have considerable experience in the development of assignment and license agreements for the use of intellectual property objects and are able to provide you with the maximum consideration of your interests, can advise on the risks, nuances of the conclusion and further implementation of such agreements. Contact us to find out more about our services.