17 November 2021

IPSTYLE enhances Innovation Management Practice

IPSTYLE team has gained access to one of the largest commercial patent databases!

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, global spending on research and development (R&D) has reached an all-time high of over $1.7 trillion! It's safe to say that R&D is crucial for modern businesses. After all, it is what helps companies find unique and innovative solutions, improve their market position and maximize profits.

At IPSTYLE, we know that innovation shapes the future. We help our clients find the technical uniqueness of the products and transform ideas into patentable solutions.

We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our services. And in order to optimize our clients' resources for creating new products, we are strengthening our Innovation Management Practices - the IPSTYLE team has gained access to one of the largest commercial patent databases!

Commercial patent database in numbers:

  • 135 million patent documents
  • 107 countries
  • 50+ patent offices with access to full-text patent documents, among them offices of Australia, Canada, USA, China, India, Japan, UK, European Patent Office, individual offices in other European countries, international patent filing database

With access to the patent database we enhance the following research services:

  • novelty and prior art searches
  • FTO searches
  • patent analytics: by competitors, by field of technology, by market leaders, by territory, and by year
  • detailed patent landscapes

Let's SPARK INNOVATION together!

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