7 April 2022

Work operation of the Ukrainian IP Office and IPSTYLE during martial law

As you probably know, fierce hostilities continue on the territory of Ukraine. The country lives under martial law. But the country does not stop its activity.

The IPSTYLE team has always been and will be an integral part of the national economy. Our team continues to work and opens new perspectives for itself and its clients and partners, adapting to new realities.

It is also important to note that the Ukrainian IP Office (Ukrpatent) continues to operate on a full-time basis.

From the day of the Russian invasion (February 24, 2022) to the Ukrpatent has been filed: more than 500 trademark applications and 110 patent applications. Here is some information about the features of the IP Office work during the time of martial law in Ukraine.

▪        Ukrainian IP Office accepts new applications and examines pending applications in the same manner as before the war.

▪        Ukrpatent has simplified the requirements for documents to be filed: for the time of martial law in Ukraine, all documents (powers of attorney, assignment agreements, etc.) can be filed electronically and no originals are required.

▪        As to the deadlines, there is no clear official position on a possible suspension for the non-residents due to the war state in Ukraine.

IPSTYLE team is ready to provide IP support and services to become your reliable business partner in Ukraine.