Military industry

The achievements of the Ukrainian inventors in the military sphere are recognized in all over the world and other states often unlawfully use it as the basis of their armies. In order to protect the inventors rights and improve the defensive sector in Ukraine such inventions should be protected.

The hardware products could be registered and protected as know-how (commercial secrets). When choosing know-how as a way of protecting IP rights, holder will be able to keep the core of his invention in secret.Specially designed software also plays a key role in modern military industry. The software is copyright object.

IPStyle Patent Law Company is prolific in the protection of IP rights in the military sphere and provide the following services:

  • patent searches for novelty and Freedom to Operate (FTO) search;
  • inventions, utility models patenting;
  • representation of clients’ interests in cases of unfair competition;
  • providing written consultations on the protection of intellectual property rights in the military industry;
  • preliminary analysis and registration of trademarks, industrial designs registration;
  • documentary securing of commercial secret as a result of intellectual activity;
  • claim settlement, pre-trial settlement of disputes;
  • representation clients’ interests in courts;
  • other services, depending on your individual situation and request.

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