Universities and Educational Institutions

Educational and scientific institutions are very particular organizations in terms of Intellectual Property protection. On the one hand, they actively produce new IP objects while on the other hand they themselves use other person’s IP.

Therefore, universities, research institutes, research centers are constantly assigned the task to protect their Intellectual Property rights – either from infringements by other educational institutions and commercial organizations or from their own employees who can assume all the rights to the invention exclusively to themselves.

IPStyle offers services on analyzing and drawing up of:

  • agreements exclusive property rights assignment;
  • agreements with employees and contractors;
  • agreements with investors and partners;
  • agreements between authors, inventors, applicants.

In addition, we will help in out-of-court and court dispute settlement in the event of claims from a university or if the institution is accused by the other party.

Educational institutions are engaged in the production of their own periodicals and books, and regularly replenish their libraries.

ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a unique 8-digit number created to identify any periodical. It can be assigned to any edition, regardless of a country, language of publication and publication form (printed or online).

The use of this standard simplifies generalizes the distribution process for a publisher and, accordingly, the order for a consumer.

In Ukraine there exists no agency of the national center for ISSN code assigning. Therefore, in order to receive the codes it is necessary to contact the International Center for Periodicals (France, Paris).

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique 13-digit number assigned to book editions.

ISBN codes registration in Ukraine is handled by Book Chamber of Ukraine named after Ivan Fedorov as a state scientific institution.

Our Company experts will provide both qualified advice on ISSN / ISBN codes and assist in arranging the documents and materials for registration of periodicals and / or books, monographs, brochures for appropriate codes assigning.