Intellectual property traps. Contract life hacks to protect your IP rights

Has your business partner authorized third parties to use shared IP without warning? Or your employee appropriated the product created at the workplace? Or, did you order an advertisement from an Agency, and then you were accused of plagiarism? This has never happened before, and again a client requests us with a problem that could be prevented by a stack of A4 sheets. It’s time to tell ...

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IPStyle partner Mariya Ortynska visited INTA Leadership in Texas

The world doesn’t stand still in intellectual property matters, just like IPStyle is always ready to protect your innovations. That’s why IPStyle’s managing partner, Mariya Ortynska, visited INTA Leadership in Texas. The main goal of this annual conference is the work and meetings of the members of the Committee for the Protection of Brand Owners and Trademark Support. Together we ...

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Some of IP Subkingdoms in a Nutshell

It’s obvious that trademarks or marks for goods and services (as they are called in the Ukrainian Law) have become extremely popular within individuals and legal entities. The brightest evidence of is keen interest of clients to protect their right to identity and as a result – get profit. Before you decide to address with Patent Attorney, you have certainly faced such terms as ...

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