Unfair competition

Policy Dialogue in Ukraine

Report on the event in INTA Bulletin

On 20 October Kiev welcomed the International Trademark Association (INTA) round table dedicated to the Protection of IP Rights and Anti-counterfeiting in the Internet. The event was supported by the State Service of Intellectual Property of ...

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Trade wars for ‘gray’ import

Recently, more and more Ukrainian holders contribute intellectual property objects to the Customs Register. Main purpose of this application is blocking violation of intellectual property rights while import and export, in other words, identifying and fighting counterfeit. One of the key issues of international trade and intellectual property is parallel or so-called ‘gray’ import. A parallel ...

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Unfair Competition: dishonest competitors and their most common business-practices

Due to economics rapid growth, the market is flooded with constantly growing number of economic entities which try to obtain competitive advantages by unfair methods. Such business entities use unfair competition in order to promote their goods (services). By definition, the unfair competition is any actions which are contrary to commercial and other honest customs in business. To understand ...

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