If you want to have an exclusive right to use industrial design and prohibit competitors from using identical or similar design of the product you need to register design.

Industrial designs make a product attractive and appealing to customers. Design drives consumer’s choice: the appearance of a product can be a key factor in the consumer’s purchase decision. In other words, the success or failure of a product may rest, at least partially, on how it looks. Industrial designs can therefore be very important for both small- and medium-sized enterprises and larger companies alike, regardless of their sector of activity. Timely application for protection ensures the holder of the industrial design a possibility to demand compensation for damage caused by the infringement.

Due to our experience in design registration in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, we have the ability to put together a winning team that will lead us to provide you with successful, timely and cost-effective conclusion. Our specialists have active and long-standing relationships with leading lawyers firms worldwide. We also have a qualified technical experts focused on the specific aspects of your request.

Our services include:

  • industrial design registration in Ukraine and other countries (the Hague System);
  • filing design application;
  • conducting searches;
  • strategic legal consulting regarding the process of design registration;
  • drafting and registering assignment and license agreements;
  • timely maintenance of the industrial design certificates;
  • representation before law enforcement authorities;
  • other services, depending on your individual situation and request.

IPStyle Patent Law Company is always ready to become of your assistance and help you in design registration.  Contact us to find out more about our services.