Pharmaceuticals and Medicine

Intellectual Property is one of the core assets in pharmaceutical industry. A pharmaceutical company success is determined by quantity and quality of its own developments, market products  and proper legal protection (a patent for invention, utility model, industrial design, trademark certificate or know-how).   Only patenting gives its holder a right to use and prohibit the use of a patented object during specified period.

IP protection in pharmaceutical industry has such peculiarities:

  • wide-spread cases of unfair competition (according to the statistics of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine);
  • specific requirements as to medical products names (it could be chemical, unlicensed, generally accepted, commercial);
  • importance of research and developments in medical sphere.

Moreover, there are specific requirements for advertising of medicines and medical products, strict procedure for processing medical clients’ sensory personal data  (data on health, analyzes, etc.) and other features that could  be relevant to each particular case.

Our specialists have worked with a wide range of pharmaceutical clients and provide following services in pharmacy and medical indusrty:

  • patent searches for novelty and Freedom to Operate (FTO) search;
  • inventions, utility models patenting;
  • preliminary analysis and registration of trademarks and patents;
  • legal analysis and providing documentary aid concerning sensory personal information;
  • documentary registration of confidential information;
  • providing written consultations on the protection in pharmaceutical area and medicine;
  • representation of interests in cases of unfair competition;
  • representation client’s interests in courts;
  • other services, depending on your individual situation and request.