Oksana Padokh – Music Law&Business Event Speaker


Oksana Padokh, Attorney-at-law and trademark and copyright expert, on 20th June spoke for a special course from Ctrl.School dedicated to legal aspects of music industry. IPStytle lawyers are amazed to work with creative industries’ representatives because it gives us a chance to both share our knowledge and to become aware of what inspires and moves people who live for music.

Her lecture was dedicated to trademarks and its use for music industry. It is no secret that many artists register their names as trademarks. There is a tendency which shows that musicians know that, except of their music, the name is one of the most valuable resources. In addition, very important is how you work with your label or producer and how these relations are legally framed.

Our first impression from Ctrl.School was a good one: Oksana’s audience was active and interested and organization committee was also good to deal with. We are grateful for having our speaker for school. And just a small reminder for everyone working in music industry: your music and creativity are the most important thing, obviously. But most times it is useful to have a good lawyer who will not only solve problems but also help you avoid them.