Medium and Small Business

For Medium and Small Business representatives the same rules of Intellectual Property rights treatment as for major corporations are applied:

  • Absence of registered trademark may lead to “raping’ you name by the others as soon as your business turns into successful one.
  • Without registered TM it will not be possible to launch a website in “.UA” domain extension.
  • Your advertising may infringe other entities’ copyrights, and a copyright holder’s legal lawsuit will do serious problems to your business.
  • Your product may infringe other persons’ patents, and after investing money and time you will have to suspend its manufacture.
  • Your unique invention may be “stolen” by other company filing an application for a patent before you.
  • One of staff members will misappropriate your unique information and pass it to a competitor or start his own business.
  • You have decided to start business based on franchise agreement that eventually turned out to be rather unprofitable.
  • It has turned out to be that through your website, you have sold counterfeit goods and a TM holder will, through court action, recover a fine from you to the amount of revenue.

It  is just a small part of “surprises” which may never allow your business become successful.

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