Mariya Ortynska held a lecture on patenting in the IT industry at the Higher School of Advocacy of the Ukrainian National Bar Association


“Many people believe that in the near future artificial intelligence will replace lawyers. I would beg to differ. We have a lot of work ahead of us, both in the IP and in other fields of law. For example, the emergence of artificial intelligence for lawyers and for business is also a challenge!” With these words, began the lecture “Patenting in the IT Industry” by Mariya Ortynska, IPStyle managing partner, trademark and patent attorney, attorney-at-law.

On June 1 at the continuing education event for attorneys “IP-Day: IT-industry” organized by the Higher School of Advocacy of the Ukrainian National Bar Association, Mariya spoke on the peculiarities of patenting in IT.

The lecturer, in particular, answered three important questions:

  1. Will robotization, artificial intelligence destroy the legal profession?
  2. Can artificial intelligence be an inventor?
  3. Is it worth patenting in IT?

The lecture was interactive: the listeners had an opportunity to give their answers to the posed questions by scanning a QR code and to know the results of the survey right away.

While searching for the answer to the second question, Mariya gave an example of Dabus, the artificial intelligence, which was specified as the inventor in the US patent application for a new type of food containers and a flashlight for rescue operations. The answer to this question is still to be found …

But the answer to the third question was straightforward — yes, patenting in IT is necessary! But Mariya warned that lawyers and businesses should be careful because patent trolls love IT! In addition, the lecturer dispelled the most popular myths about patents in IT, and noted that both hardware and software can be patented, though with some peculiarities.

Listeners of Mariya’s lecture also got answers to the following questions:

  • How to turn an idea into a patentable subject matter.
  • Peculiarities of patents for inventions and utility models.
  • Filing a PCT application in the IT industry. Patenting in the EPO and the USPTO.
  • How to commercialize intellectual property in IT.

Many thanks to the organizers for a great event and for the opportunity to be a speaker, as well as to all the listeners of Mariya’s lecture!