Light industry

Light industry in Ukraine composes numbers up to 10 thousand enterprises and is one of the most important spheres of non-foods production (clothes, footwear, textile products, leather goods, etc.).

Nowadays there are new brands, which products become world-famous because of their quality, exclusivity and originality. In order to protect the rights for your brand (new or already existing one) and to avoid the appearance of cheap counterfeits, you need to pay special attention and comprehensive approach to protection of intellectual property rights.

In addition to registering trademark rights, in some cases you can register your product as an industrial model. For example, you can register as an industrial model the design of an original print of textile, the visual appearance of footwear, etc. However, you must be ensured that this appearance is truly unique and correctly identify the essential features of the product in order to remain further effective protection of rights.

Like any other industry, light industry could not be developed without new technological solutions, progressive technological equipment, results of scientific and technical work, which are the objects of patenting.

It is worthy to note that the protection of IP rights for light industry products in Ukraine is especially relevant for foreign producers. Importers should update information about the objects of IP rights in the customs register and to carry out a regular monitoring of the Ukrainian market on the subject of counterfeiting. The passivity of foreign brand owners may have negative consequences for their reputation or even the trademark dilution.

IPStyle’s services in the sphere of light industry include:

  •  representation of client’s interests in cases of unfair competition;
  •  representation before customs authorities;
  •  updating information about objects of intellectual property right in the customs register;
  •  analysis and registration of TM, industrial designs;
  •  copyright registration;
  •  recognition of trademarks as well-known;
  • documentary registration of information as a confidential, documentary protection of internal information of the enterprise as a trade secret;
  • providing written advice on the protection of intellectual property rights in light industry;
  • patent researches for novelty and infringement search;
  • patenting of inventions, utility models;
  • combating counterfeiting
  • legal defence.