Law Firms and Law Societies

Generally, legal services market players fall into “law supermarkets” offering services in many practice areas, and “law boutiques” with a small area of expertise.

Almost none of the law firms in the world can say that its specialists provide services in all practice areas.

IPStyle has substantial experience in cooperating with law firms in Ukraine and other countries for providing IP protection services to its clients.

Moreover, we provide interest representation for foreign law firms’ clients in Ukraine and CIS countries while having a good knowledge of these countries specifics.

IPStyle specialists will provide a full range of IP services in Ukraine and other countries, such as:

  • general consultation on Intellectual Property protection issues for individuals and legal entities;
  • developing strategy on IP right protection and non-infringement;
  • alternative dispute resolution;
  • representation clients’ interests in the court;
  • representing clients interests between administrative bodies;
  • drafting IP agreements with employees, contractors, clients;
  • trademarks registration, industrial design, inventions, utility models;
  • patent searching;
  • obtaining bar-codes, etc.