Search  Possible for word, device and combined marks (word + device)
Takes 7-8 (standard) or 3-4 (accelerated) business days
Classification  The Nice Classification with Multi-Class Filing System
Applicants Individuals and legal entities; possible filing in the name of several applicants simultaneously
Registrable Trademarks, service marks, collective marks, 3D marks, colors, sound marks; configuration of goods; trade dress
Opposition During 3 months since the trademark application is published
Post-grant opposition Only for the persons initiated opposition procedure while application pending.
Should be filed within 2 months since the final decision receipt. The extension is not prescribed
Protection term 10 years from the filing date and renewable every 10 years without limitation
Use Declaration of use is not required
Non-use action Cancellation is possible if the mark has not been used for any 5 years from the registration date
Re-registration Trademark may not be registered by any other person for 2 years after an identical trademark was abandoned or withdrawn by a previous holder
Member of Madrid Agreement and Protocol thereto, Paris Convention
POA Hard copy of the simply signed POA is required. No notarization or legalization is needed.
Patent Attorney Registered for non-resident applicants/holders
Customs Only registered trademarks can be entered into the Customs Register
Language Ukrainian