Applicants Individuals and legal entities
Objects of design Shape, drawing, coloration, or their combinations
Eligibility criteria Novelty and individual character
Unity of design Application may relate to one design and include variants if they concern the same object or have a single design concept
Protection for unregistered designs During 3 years from the date of being publicly available
Fee reduction Reduced for 80 % in case an author and an applicant are the same person
Examination Only formal
Post-grant opposition Within the whole validity term and after termination
Validity of design 5 years from the filing date and renewable every 5 years within 25 years period
Member of Hague Convention, Paris Convention
POA Hard copy of simply signed POA is required. No notarization or legalization is needed
Patent Attorney Required for non-resident applicants/holders
Customs Only patented objects can be entered into the Customs Register
Language Ukrainian