IT and telecommunications

Intellectual property is the core of the IT and telecommunications industry.

Since the company is founded, many contracts are signed. Hence, it is important to clarify whether other people’s IP rights are infringed and whether your own are sufficiently protected before the release of each individual product to the market of Ukraine or any other country.

Projects in the field of IT and telecommunications are among the most difficult and interesting. Lawyers have to look into get to the bottom of customer’s unique product, determine the most correct legal regime of protection such object and, at the same time, take into account all the specifics of the transaction (its national or international character, the rights of third parties, etc.).

Due to our extensive experience in legal support of transactions in IT and telecommunications, IPStyle Patent Law Company will provide the following services:

  • developing protection strategies;
  • patent searches for novelty and Freedom to Operate (FTO) search;
  • drafting license and assignment agreements;
  • documentary securing of confidential information (preparation of internal regulations, agreements on non-disclosure);
  • advice on payments of royalties, royalties and their taxation;
  • analysis, development of offers, SaaS agreements (Software as a Service), user agreements;
  • analysis of the client’s product on the market of Ukraine or another country regarding non-infringement of intellectual property right of third parties;
  • representation of client’s interests in courts;
  • other services, depending on your individual situation and request.