IPStyle successfully represented the client in the process of including the word “Ukraine” into the TM


We received a request from a client, who had previously applied for registration of the trademark (TM) with the word “Ukraine”.

Ukraine has legislative restrictions on the use of the official name of the state “Ukraine” in the TM. This requires special permission from the competent authority (hereinafter – the Commission). This process is complex, time-consuming and requires proof of many factors, in particular, that the goods and services in respect of which the use of TM with the state name is supposed to be used have value (scientific, educational, industrial), or that the types of goods and/or services are unique only to Ukraine, and so on.

In the interests of the client, the IPStyle team conducted thorough research, collected the necessary documents to prove to the Commission the importance of including the word “Ukraine” into the TM.

In addition, in the process of considering the inclusion of the state name into the TM, there was an additional process of defending the interests of the client and additional argumentation of the value of TM and the sphere in which the client works.

As a result of a long consideration process, we proved that the applicant client makes a significant contribution to the development of the sphere in which TM is used and provides services aimed at promoting the relevant sphere in the world. The word “Ukraine” was included in the client’s TM.