IPStyle attorneys defended the interests of the Ukrainian startup in negotiations on a possible violation of patent rights


The client, a Ukrainian product startup, reached IPStyle with the necessity of assistance in defending its interests in negotiations with an Italian competitor. The Italian company addressed to the client with a complaint regarding the alleged, in their opinion, infringement of patent rights for the invention.

In order to defend and protect the interests of the client, IPStyle has developed a comprehensive strategy for building arguments and negotiating. In particular, the company’s specialists analyzed the competitor’s patent and compared it with the client’s product. As a result of this comparison, a number of differences were identified, which helped to establish that the customer’s product does not infringe on the patent rights of a competitor.

Technical specialists conducted a patent search to determine the compliance of a competitor’s patent with the patentability requirements. According to the search results, it was found that some claims of the patent claim do not meet the criteria of novelty and inventive step.

As a result, IPStyle’s attorneys contacted the competitor’s representatives with the analysis and search results, consequently, the competitor rescinded any previous complaints.