#Hashtag as a trademark: it rocks, but there are nuances


Creating a post on a social network, a clothing manufacturer, a bank, a business school – and any other company, regardless of their field of activity – use various promotion tools, including hashtags. Popular hashtags are known to help increase engagement, while specialized hashtags help attract potential customers. And it would seem that everything is simple – you are preparing a post, putting a magic sign in front of it, users can easily find you on a certain topic #fashion #beauty #party #law or, for example, geography #london #paris #kyiv. And if you look at the hashtag not through the eyes of a media marketer, but by a lawyer? Can a “tag” be an object of intellectual property, and is there a risk of randomly violating someone’s rights to it?

Read all the answers in the material of IPStyle managing partner Mariya Ortynska for MMR.ua