Non-governmental and Non-profit Organizations

Despite the non-profit nature of activity, non-profit organizations and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) require proper protection of their Intellectual Property and the analysis of their activity in terms of non-infringement of other entities’ rights.

As to Intellectual Property protection, the attempts of external agencies to use well-known brands of non-profit organizations (charity funds, anti-corruption initiatives, democracy development and environmental protection organizations) for their own profit should be carefully considered.

And it is not surprising since many world-famous NGOs have brands that have been developing for decades and public confidence in them has the highest recognition.

At the same time, NGOs themselves should appropriately carry out their social activity and not infringe third-parties’ copyrights.

IPStyle has experience of working with non-profit organizations and offers the following services in IP area:

  • general IP protection consultation;
  • registration of trademarks, copyright in Ukraine and abroad;
  • preliminary search within already registered TMs;
  • appeal of decisions on refusal to register a TM;
  • analysis of organization media-activity, its promotional campaigns for third-parties copyright infringements;
  • identifying and initiating withdrawal from the circulation of goods using labels identical or similar to the level of confusion with known trademarks;
  • ensuring the halt of illegal production and use of works of literature, science, art, computer programs and audiovisual products.