IPStyle experts protected interests of metal manufacturer through appropriate defining the limits of technical specifications legal protection

IPStyle  was applied by the Company engaged in production and sales of iron-and-steel products. The Company produces, among others, skull-producing material according to the technical specifications developed. The Company’s competitor accused the latter of infringing the copyright in the technical specifications for the production of this material, arguing that the latter had copied the competitor’s text into their own technical specifications. In addition to the demand to stop infringing  by the Company of the competitor’s copyright in the ...

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IPStyle specialists protected the software developer’s interests in court

IPStyle was applied for a help by the software developer widely known in Ukraine in the field of setup and management of customer communication systems (CRM-systems). The issue was caused by some customers, who received the right from the developer to use the software and after using the software for some time, decided to return the paid money. What is interesting – these clients justified their requirements by the fact that they were said to have transferred money erroneously. To strengthen their position, customers tried to convince the court that ...

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IPStyle specialists protected the interests of the confectionery company and facilitated the conclusion of the amicable agreement

IPStyle was applied for a help by the widely known Hungarian manufacturer of confectionery products – the company titeled Bonbonetti Choko Edeshipari Kft. As being the holder of exclusive property rights to the trademark “BONBONETTI” under international registration, the company received a provisional refusal as to the relevant registration in Ukraine. The reason for the provisional refusal was the similarity of the trademark with ‘BON-BONETTI’ trademark, previously registered on the territory of Ukraine in the name of another ...

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