IPStyle is a leading Patent Law Company with main expertise in the protection of intellectual property rights.

We started our activities in 2007, headed by the founder of the company — Mariya Ortynska, who is a lawyer, patent and trademark attorney, attorney-at-law and a recognized expert in the field of IP. Today our team consists of more than 15 specialists, including legal consultants, lawyers, patent attorneys and technical specialists.

Our services include:

  1. Registration of intellectual property rights objects:
  • trademarks;
  • copyright;
  1. Patenting:
  • inventions;
  • utility models;
  • industrial designs;
  1. Protection of intellectual property rights:
  • judicially;
  • in the Antimonopoly Committee;
  • in law enforcement authorities;
  1. Development of contracts, strategies, advice:
  • on creation of objects of intellectual property rights;
  • on the use of IPR objects;
  • on the protection of rights.

IPStyle Managing Partner Mariya Ortynska is the Chairman of the Committee on Intellectual Property of the Association of Attorneys at Law of Ukraine, a member of the International Trademark Association (INTA), the INTA Committee on Combating Counterfeit, the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), American Bar Association (ABA), Pharmaceutical Trade Marks Group (PTMG), Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) and Ukrainian Advocates’ Association (UAA).

IPStyle offers legal solutions to protect intellectual property rights for businesses in many industries. Among which:

  • Pharmaceuticals and medicine;
  • Light industry;
  • Tobacco and alcohol industry;
  • Retail;
  • Food industry;
  • Motor transport industry;
  • Internet business;
  • Agro-industry;
  • Power engineering, oil and gas industry;
  • IT, telecommunications and media;
  • Financial and insurance institutions;
  • Aviation industry;
  • Others.


13 years of experience and thousands of successfully implemented projects in the field of intellectual property.

The team of more than 15 specialists is focused on protecting your intellectual property. We are proficient not only in advising clients on typical questions, but also on implementation of comprehensive projects of any complexity.

The Patent Department of the company consists of patent attorneys, lawyers and technical specialists. They help inventors, manufacturing companies and investors to successfully overcome the way from a technical solution to obtaining a patent.

Attorneys and lawyers of the judicial department will develop a strategy and protect your interests in the court, the Antimonopoly Committee and other authorities. We are experienced in representing clients' interests in domain, patent disputes, infringement of copyright and trademark rights.

We are active participants in leading international organizations in the field of intellectual property. This allows us to implement our clients' projects not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

We provide new possibilities for protecting the rights of our clients due to participation in working groups and committees on improvement of legislation. We predict legal trends and changes in the intellectual property field.


Mariya Ortynska

Managing Partner, Patent and Trademark Attorney of Ukraine, Attorney

Iryna Ortynska

Partner, Head of the Inventions, Utility Models, Industrial Designs Department

Elena Rood

Expert in the field of intellectual property

Oksana Padokh

Attorney-at-Law, Lawyer of the Trademarks and Copyright Department

Nataliia Minakerman

Assistant Attorney, Lawyer of the Judicial and Contractual Department

Evgeniya Korolyova

Expert in the field of intellectual property

Olha Martysh

Assistant Attorney, Lawyer

Privacy policy

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IPStyle with due responsibility applies the personal information received from third parties and takes all necessary measures to ensure the protection thereof.

This Privacy policy (hereinafter – Policy) describes:

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Collecting personal information

Personal data is information or aggregate information about a natural person who is identified or may be identified.

We collect only this personal information which you provided to us on your own or through intermediaries by fulfilling the application form, during the phone conversation or on-line consultation, by subscribing to an e-mail, during a meeting, received via cookies or other ways.

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Use and retaining personal information

We may use your personal information for the following purpose:

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  • third parties engaged in the course of the legal services we provide to clients such as courts, forensic experts, court, executive authorities and others;
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This list is non-exhaustive and may be extended if necessary.

We retain your personal information as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes mentioned herein or until we receive the request to erase your personal information.

Transfer of personal information

In order to provide you with legal and other services, your personal information may be transferred to a location outside the jurisdiction in which you provide it.

If you are the resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), please note that with a purpose to provide you with the legal and other services, IPStye may transfer your personal information to countries outside the EEA.

The protection of personal information

IPStyle takes all necessary measures regarding legal and technical protection of your personal information.

You have the following rights regarding the processing of your personal information by IPStyle:

  • the right to know about the sources of collection, the location of your personal information, the purpose of its processing, the location of IPStyle, which is the controller of your personal information;
  • the right to obtain information about the conditions of access to personal information, in particular, information about third parties to whom your personal information is shared;
  • the right to access your personal information;
  • the right to file the object to IPStyle against the processing of your personal information;
  • the right to file the claim with regard to rectification or erasing your personal information, via e-mail specified in the “Contacts”;
  • the right to file the legal notice regarding the restriction of processing of your personal information, via e-mail  specified in the “Contacts”;
  • the right to withdraw your consent on the processing of your personal information via the request to the e-mail specified in the “Contacts”.

Also, you have the right to refuse against receiving mailing from IPStyle. To do it, please follow the instructions indicated in IPStyle e-mail you receive as mailing.

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Question and comments. Changes in Policy

If you have any questions or comments with regard to this Policy, You may contact us via e-mail specified in “Contacts”.

This Policy may be updated from time to time in order to comply with national and international legislation which regulate the protection of personal information in the case of legislative changes in this area. In such a case, we will send you a notification about such changes before they come into force.

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