Intellectual Property and alcoholic products. How can you protect your Intellectual Property objects in Ukraine?

 patent Firstly, before the beginning of the producing process and implementation of your product we recommend you: 1) to conduct the preliminary search in the database of the registered trademarks and trademark applications. This search gives you information about the chances of the receipt of the Provisional Refusal in the trademark registration process. The cost of this service is much less than, for example, the developing and printing of labels for your products, order and manufacturing the containers. 2) to file the trademark application. For maximum protection from dishonest use of your trademark and also for the avoidance of appearance of the counterfeit goods which can be imported / exported we recommend you: a) to file the name of your product as verbal trademark; b) to file all relevant figurative elements which will be in the label of your products as a device trademarks; c) to file “label free from information about alcoholic content, producer and etc” as a combined trademark; d) to file the image of an exclusive form of a bottle (or another packing materials) as a device trademark; We also recommend you to file an application for: a) industrial designs of labels for all your product slate. b) inventions which relate to the exclusive manufacturing process of your products; c) utility models which relate to the improved process for the manufacture of your product. We recommend you to enter the Intellectual Property objects into the Customs Register for the avoidance of the counterfeit goods which can be imported / exported: a) a verbal trademark; b) a device trademark, namely exclusive form of bottle (or another packing materials). We advise you to confide to specialists to prepare and check agreement terms before the execution of all agreements, for example manufacturing license agreements, assignment agreements of Intellectual Property objects, agreements with wholesale buyers, exclusive distribution agreements. If you have possibilities and facilities, all license agreements will be registered in State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine for the avoidance of doubt. Providing the largest protection of the law (registration of the Intellectual Property objects in the Ukrainian Patent Office, entering the Intellectual Property objects into the Customs Register, registration of the assignment agreements and license agreements of Intellectual Property objects in State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine), you will be able to prevent the illegal use of your Intellectual Property objects and have remarkable reputation in the alcoholic beverage market by emancipation of counterfeit goods that is always negative and contributing factor in this fraction of market. See also: Termination and invalidation of patent of invention and utility model What we need to know about Patenting of Inventions and Utility models in Ukraine? Termination and cancellation of design certificate Peculiarities of a Utility Model Patent Invalidation in Ukraine