Trademark litigation

Trademark is the best object for individualization in the relevant market of goods or services. Brand name has such strong association with the products or services that sometimes trademark indicates not only reputation of the good or the company, but also our choice. That is why it is the issue of paramount importance to protect your brand or to protect yourself from the alleged trademark infringement.

There are many different ways to infringe trademark rights that sometimes even difficult to summarize, but most cases are related to the sphere of trade marks, service marks, trade names, trade dress. Trademark disputes in Ukraine may be resolved in courts, arbitrages, mediation centers, Antitrust Committee. It depends on the character of infringement and the will of litigants.

The subject of trademark litigation may be:
  • cancellation of the trademark registration on the different grounds (in most cases this ground is not compliance with legal protection requirements);
  • cancellation proceeding through the process of recognition trademark as well-known;
  • revocation of trademark registration on the ground of non-use;
  • trademark infringement (preliminary relieves, court remedies, compensation etc.);
  • protection on the ground of prior use;
  • protection on the ground of parallel import;
  • domain disputes and trademark infringement in the Internet.

  • Hence, either prosecuting or defending litigation our lawyers will:
    - advise you on the best strategy of your pursue or defense;
    - draw up the claim / defense and any necessary documents;
    - represent you in court of any instance, in arbitration and mediation and other state authorities including Antitrust Committee and State Consumer Inspection and so on.

    Our benefit is complex approach and non-traditional view on the case. We also use last court practice and recent court opinions on the disputable issues of the trademark law.