Patent litigation

Every patent cases of our clients it is the great business project which need the complex protection and in many cases involves litigation. Notwithstanding the certain sphere of patenting, each patent case requires the best technological knowledge and experience in patenting that our specialist have.

In Ukraine most cases concerning the patenting are resolving by state courts but other forms of dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation) are also possible. In most patent cases it is need to provide substantial examination (reexamination), represent independent expert's opinion and each invention (utility model) suspects deep involvement in the nature of invention (utility model), therefore patent cases is much more difficult that any other intellectual property cases.

Patent litigation may have such objectives:
- cancellation of patent (in most cases when there is lack of novelty in utility model and lack of inventive step in invention);
- patent infringements (preliminary relieves, court remedies, compensation etc.);
- mandatory licensing (in cases when the patent have not been used during three years following the patent publication);
- cross-licensing;
- recognition as the author of invention (utility model);
- protection based on the right of prior use.

Our patent attorney, lawyers, patent experts will:
  • work out the protection strategy,
  • indicate all risks of patent case,
  • draw up all necessary documents,
  • represent you in the courts as well as in the arbitration or mediation procedure.