IP Legal Opinion

Important business decisions require careful analyzing and full understanding of legal consequences. If decision relates to IP rights, we emphasize intellectual property is not only your commercial revenues, but also your reputation goals. That is why legal opinion in more or less difficult situations will not fix your problem or resolve dispute but shed light on the appropriate and preferable variant of decision.

Hundreds of legal opinions handled by our lawyers demonstrate our expertise and experience in most difficult situation. We render our legal opinions concerning all IP objects, on each stage of IP process, bearing in mind the objectives of client and favorable results. Our legal opinions grounds on the current legislation, legal principles including rule of law, position of high courts concerning different IP matters, court practice, ways of resolving situation in practice and so on.

We provide our services concerning standard legal opinions comprising patentability opinions, legal opinions further to results of trademark searches and after obtaining the provisional refusal of trademark protection, copyright ability opinions, non-infringement opinions, invalidity opinions and freedom-to-operate opinions. We provide opinions on non-standard IP issues as well.

Our legal opinion can be for the internal client purposes such as making important decisions, but it also may have the character of legal document. For example, we often provide independent patent attorney legal opinion in court proceedings or in case of suspension of customs registration of goods. For any further information please contact our experts.