IP due diligence

IP due diligence is complex investigation of IP portfolio which aim is to answer the question is it worth to make a deal for transferring of IP assets. In contrast to another types of due diligence IP one analyzes the intangible assets of the company namely patents, trademarks, trade dress, trade names, copyrighted works, trade secrets, domain names etc.

IP due diligence should be provided in such cases as acquiring the IP rights, licensing, merger and acquisition, investing process etc. Conducting of IP due diligence requires, first of all, identification of objectives of due diligence. It helps to specify depth and character of due diligence. The next step is investigation stage which includes building of target IP, verifying ownership and restrictions on IP assets, assessing scope of IP rights, validity and enforceability of assets, analyzing the likelihood of IP litigation. The results of IP due diligence are identification of the major and minor points of IP portfolio which we recommend to focus on, main risks of transferring of IP assets, our evaluation of IP rights and post-transferring scenarios of IP protection.

We understand needs and expectations of our clients referring such important transactions which requires IP due diligence. We know that vendor may veil some aspects of target IP assets and overestimate them. At the same time purchaser may underestimate the IP assets planning to win millions using them. Therefore, either offensive or defensive IP due diligence should be conducted we will handle it according to your objectives using our rich experience in sphere of obtaining IP rights, IP protection, IP expertise and IP litigation. For further information please contact our experts.