Copyright registration in Ukraine

Literary works, computer software, databases, musical compositions with or without words, works of fine art and architecture, photographic works and their collection etc. are protected by Copyright law. Rights arise by cause of the work’s creation.
By general rule, copyright remains in effect throughout the author's lifetime and for 70 years after his death.
Copyright Registration is not mandatory, but it will enable you to protect your rights in case of rights infringement.
The application for the registration shall be submitted to the State Intellectual Property Service.

Documents and information required for filing an application for state registration of copyright in Ukraine:
- full name, address and the date of birth of the author(s);
- full name, address of the Rightholder (if differs from author);
- a work copy in a material form printed or presented as computer file (if computer programs - in their initial form);
- power of attorney.

Commonly, term of Copyright registration is 2-2,5 month. The applicant thereby receives the Certificate of Copyright Registration.

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In order to protect your rights, watching service is conducted in copyright register, sale networks, and in Internet. Related articles: How to register a Copyright in Ukraine? Software Copyright Registration in Ukraine