What we need to know about Registration of Trademarks in Ukraine?

торговая марка, регистрация ТМ Ukraine is a member of Paris Convention, Trademark Law Treaty, Singapore Treaty, Madrid Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Nice Agreement and Vienna Agreement.
The Applicant of a trademark can be natural person and legal entity.
You can file a trademark: verbal, device, combined (verbal + device), three-dimension, sound.
Also you can register color or combination of colors, collective, well-known, service trademarks.

The following trademarks can not be registered:
  • The trademarks contrary to moral standards or public order;
  • The trademarks contain generic terms;
  • The trademarks contain names, flags or symbols of states, nations, regions, or of international organizations;
  • Non-distinctive trademarks absent a showing of acquired distinctiveness (secondary meaning);
  • The trademarks that function principally as surnames;
  • The trademarks that function principally as geographic location names (but not Geographic Indications or Appellations of Origin);
  • The trademarks which are similar to the earlier registered marks;
  • The trademarks which are in near resemblance to the registered mark;
  • The trademarks which contain company name which is famous in Ukraine;
  • The trademarks which contain the industrial design of other person;
  • The trademarks which contain the protected objects of copyright.

The terms of trademark registration:

  • The standard registration is 12-18 months;
  • Accelerated examination is 7-9 months;
  • Extra accelerated examination is 4.5 - 5.5 months.

The process of registration of trademark includes:

  • The filing an application;
  • Formal examination;
  • Substantive examination;
  • Publication;
  • Registration.

The necessary information for registration of trademark:

  • Name and address of the applicant;
  • The image of trademark;
  • Description of trademark;
  • List of goods/services;
  • Representation of trademark (a depiction of the mark an applicant seeks to register);
  • Power of attorney (simply signed, non legalization).

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