06 FEB 2018

IPStyle Attorneys-at-Law has been established

With regard to the legislative changes in the judicial system of Ukraine, lawyers of IPStyle Patent Law Company have registered the union of advocates.

For the most effective and high-quality representation of the interests of its clients in judicial proceedings in Ukraine, at the beginning of 2018 lawyers of IPStyle have established union of advocates.

Judicial reform, among other things, enacts so-called “Attorneys-at-Law (certified advocates) monopoly”. It means that the interests of the parties in the trial can be represented only by certified advocates (except minor cases).

This norm has a transitional period: from the beginning of 2017 it acting for the courts of cessation, from the beginning of 2018 — for the courts of appeal, and from 2019 — for the courts of all instances.

It should be noted that the High Court on Intellectual Property, which is expected will be fully operational in 2018, will be both the court of first instance and the court of appeal. This means that de facto “Attorneys-at-Law monopoly” to disputes over intellectual property will already start acting this year.

In addition, since 2017 complaints to the site owners or hosters, demanding the termination of copyright infringement using the Internet (Takedown Notice procedure) may be filed only through a certified advocate.

In addition to representing clients' interests directly in judicial proceedings, work within the union of advocates allows to fully implement clients' requests at the pre-trial stage and the stage of claims work, during out-of-court dispute settlement, actions to protect the rights to TM and entering information into the Customs register, as well as to use such instrument as attorney’s request.

"An increasing number of court disputes in our company's practice and new procedural requirements have led us to the decision to establish a union of advocates. IPStyle Patent Law Company continues to operate in the same mode, and we registered IPStyle Attorneys-at-Law in order to our clients are able to realize as much as possible all legitimate opportunities for protection of the intellectual property rights in Ukraine”, IPStyle’s Managing partner Mariya Ortynska commented.