15 JAN 2018

IPStyle`s lawyers have protected in court the interests of Ukrainian industrial enterprise

At the end of 2017, the Economic court of Dnipropetrovsk region made a decision in a dispute between two Ukrainian companies on copyright infringement on technical specifications used in the production of fuel briquettes. The positions of a defendant in the trial were represented by the experts of IPStyle Patent Law Company.

The subject of the dispute between two companies from Dnipro were technical specifications for the production of briquettes for burning in furnaces - physical and chemical characteristics, the requirements for transportation and storage, etc.

The plaintiff argued that the defendant used in the manufacture of its products technical specifications, which previously had been partially described in the plaintiff’s technical specifications and thus infringemented copyrights by the plaintiff.

Themselves the briquettes is used in the manufacture of products at the largest metallurgical plants of Ukraine.

The plaintiff in his lawsuit demanded to forbid using the technical specifications, to manufacture products according to these specifications, and to recover from the defendant damages in the amount of 348 thousand UAH (approximately 13 thousand USD).

Despite the results of the examination in the favour of plaintiff, the arguments of the representatives of the defendant about damages and the prohibition of production convinced the judges come to a decision on a partial satisfaction of the claim.

Thus, the defendant was forbidden to use relevant technical specifications, while the requirements on the prohibition of production and recovery of damages were denied.

The interests of the defendant in the trial were represented by the specialists of IPStyle under the leadership of Councel, Head of Litigation and Contract Practice Dmytro Kocherga.