10 JAN 2018

IPStyle has taken part in the settlement of the dispute between the Hungarian and Ukrainian companies

Hungarian company Bonbonetti Choco Edesipari Kft. (owned by Confectionery Corporation “Roshen”) sells its products on the territory of Ukraine. However, the activities of the company could have been prevented that TM “BON-BONETTI” has been previously registered for confectionery of Ukrainian LLC “Production Association “Konti”.

Hungarian manufacturer conducted a study and found that such a TM by the company Konti haven’t been used, and filed a lawsuit in the Commercial court of Kyiv on the early termination of the certificate because of non-use.

During the trial the confectionery companies came to a settlement agreement, which the Konti gave the right to the use of TM “BON-BONETTI”.

The research, preparation of legal action and the text of the settlement agreement have been made by experts of IPStyle Patent Law Company.